Every photo of your event should serve a greater purpose

Along with my background of working with national nonprofits and corporate brands, I’ve had the privilege of teaming up with incredible organizations right here in LA for events of all shapes and sizes. (But if your event’s taking place elsewhere, I’m always travel-ready.) When it comes to putting images to your event’s energy and setting them in motion with your company’s goals,

I’ll be a responsive and reliable resource in making it happen.


The one thing that brings captivating energy to my work is the fact that I personally get to know your company’s values, your team, and how your event fits into the bigger picture.

Taking that all into account helps me tell your event’s story through my lens — from
illustrating what it was like to be there through event highlights, to capturing the joy of attendees through natural, candid shots.

What does this mean for you? A comprehensive, well-rounded gallery of usable marketing assets that reflect the heartbeat of your brand.

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                   TO MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER


Here’s what you can expect when we collaborate

Every image tied to an end goal

Prior to your event, we’ll identify the main objectives for your photos and their strategic use. Whether it be marketing assets for your website and socials, building your pipeline, or reaching a new demographic, these goals will guide every shot I take throughout your event.

One less thing on your plate

I’m no stranger to quickly handling obscure liability clauses or other hiccups that come up while planning your event. On the day of, you can count on me to circulate the room following the run of show to a tee without any work on your part.

Diversity always top of mind

It’s important that every person who walks through the door is represented authentically. With hours of training under my belt, I guarantee a diverse gallery where every complexion and skin tone shines in their most beautiful, accurate light.

In need of a photographer for your upcoming event? Reach out! Once decision-makers weigh in, I’ll send a proposal and we’ll finalize details to get things going.

Submit an Inquiry

After covering event specifics with my questionnaire, I’ll work with you to define your primary goals to inform my approach throughout your event.

Identify Photography Goals

Now, you can forget about me. I’ll show up ready to execute everything we’ve discussed and post-event, you’ll receive a strategic image gallery aligned with your company’s goals.

Event Shoot & Delivery



Private Events

If you’re planning a more intimate event among friends and family, count me in to deliver images surrounding the love and magic of it all. Simply shoot me a message and we’ll get a conversation going.

Nonprofit Organizations

Having a background in the nonprofit sector, it’s a genuine honor to partner with organizations that hold the same beliefs and values as I do. Together, let’s discuss how professional images can spread your message and amplify your cause.


Do you offer second shooters?

Depending on the size, scope, and nature of your event, we can discuss how many shooters will best serve you. All my second shooters are carefully vetted for a consistent style and quality within your image gallery.

Do you offer video?

While I do not offer video services directly, I have a reliable network of video professionals that I frequently work with and trust to deliver top-quality video to my clients. It’s important that your photographer and videographer work well together and communicate to stay out of each other’s shots on event day. If you’re looking for a videographer, let's chat.

It’s important that we highlight the diversity of our attendees. How do you take this into
consideration as a photographer?

First and foremost, thank you for prioritizing DEI in your event as it’s something I deeply value as well. I am committed to capturing the full diversity of groups present and creating an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity for all attendees. I’ve also taken workshops to hone my skills in photographing and editing every skin tone accurately and beautifully.

Honestly, next to nothing. All I need to know is when and where you need me and your event’s main objectives. Once those details are covered, I’ll take it from there. Now, go take a load off — you’ve got enough on your plate as is.

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