Hope For Ukraine: Profitable Art Fundraiser Photography in Los Angeles

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Hyperion Event Gallery in Silverlake

“Above” art gallery

It was truly an honor getting to capture fundraiser photography in Los Angeles for the Above Art Gallery event! The fundraiser featured original artwork by philanthropist, Bill Haney. Each piece was for sale, with one hundred percent of all money raised going directly to support Ukraine. It was hosted at the Hyperion Art Gallery in Silverlake. The event space offered an intimate setting for event attendees to explore the art pieces and learn more about the cause they were raising money for.

In addition, attendees received signed copies of Bill’s hardcover book, “Above.” His book featured photographs of his artwork and descriptions of the inspiration for his project.

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The Inspiration

Attendees soon gathered in the space to view and purchase the artwork! Each piece featured photographs of clouds. The art was intended to remind viewers of the constantly shifting landscape, and to inspire hope in the midst of chaos. Each piece was displayed in a custom handcrafted frame made of 12carat white gold by the artist, Peter Werkhoven of Aedicule.

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I love a creative fundraiser. This event got people out mingling, having a nice time, purchasing art while raising money for Ukraine. What more could you ask for?

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While new guests perused the artwork, there were refreshments and music set up in the back for guests to chat and enjoy each others’ company.

Charity Fundraiser for Ukraine
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candid event photography los angeles

Finally, Bill joined guests inside the gallery to thank everyone for coming and for supporting Ukraine. His generosity did not go unnoticed! All attendees, friends and strangers, appreciated his efforts and for the wonderful event. It was a success all around!

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