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MIT LGO Alumni Event

MIT Legends of Global Operations Conference

It was a pleasure to welcome the prestigious MIT community to the West Coast this week! I had the opportunity to capture Los Angeles conference photography for MIT’s Legends of Global Operations event. MIT hosted the event in Marina del Rey at USC’s Viterbi Startup Garage. The two day conference facilitated connections between participants of the graduate alumni program. Attendees met to discuss their respective industries and to learn from one another as well as attend talks from industry experts.

Women of LGO Breakout Group

One neat aspect of the event was a female alumni sub-group within the program. The group offered an opportunity to support each other and network as industry leaders. Women in the group existed at the top tier of every industry imaginable, from tech to finance and beyond. It was inspiring to hear them compare their experiences and discuss the importance of female leadership at major corporations throughout the world!

Los Angeles Conference Photographer

Keynote Speakers

Afterwards, the whole group gathered for keynote speeches from industry leaders and notable alumni of MIT. My favorite speaker of the day was Aaron Fyke.

Los Angeles Conference Photographer

MIT alum Aaron Fyke is a tech entrepreneur and adjunct lecturer at USC. As the founder of Thin Line Capital, he works with investors to decarbonize the global economy through ethical business standards and practices. Although his speech offered sombering facts, Fyke’s overall message was a positive one. It’s not too late to reverse the impact of climate change. He offered solutions on what needs to happen in order to move forward. What a comfort knowing Fyke and his team are out there dedicating their effort to climate change!

Following Fyke’s discussion, Dr. Tad Funahashi gave his talk. Funahashi is the CIO of Kaiser Permanente. He discussed the financial model at healthcare conglomerate, Kaiser Permanente.

Los Angeles Event Photographer

After lunch, the group reconvened to end the day with a talk from Gene Seroka. Seroka is the Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles is the leading container port in the United States. It is responsible for approximately 20% of all cargo coming into the United States. Seroka discussed global patterns affecting his work. It was so interesting to understand the impact COVID had on the global supply chain.

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Port of Los Angeles Convention
Viterbi Startup Garage
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