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I love that nonprofit event photography in Los Angeles gives me an opportunity to learn about different organizations and causes! This vibrant event checked that box and more. I had the privilege of capturing the annual fundraiser for California Rural Legal Assistance, a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal services to low-income residents of California’s rural counties. This organization does the important work of providing legal services to ensure workers’ rights are protected. Companies often exploit workers when there is a language barrier. CRLA’s intervention is necessary in order to create fair and just labor conditions in the rural communities of California. It was a joy to be a part of an event raising funds to continue offering this necessary service to workers across the state.

CRLA Tardeada

The event (or tardeada as it was called), loosely translates to “early afternoon party.” It was hosted at a private residence in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. And what a residence it was! The spectacular property sat on a private hill overlooking Griffith Park. The views were enough to take your breath away! One of my favorite facts about the home was that the owner had begun life as a migrant farm worker before taking up law in order to protect workers in the same conditions he began in. What a beautiful success story!

Guests involved with supporting the organization poured into the residence to mingle, celebrate a year of hard work, and bid on art to raise funds for the following year. Guests enjoyed tequila and handmade tacos catered by La Parrilla restaurant. They also perused jewelry by Latina Designs by Pilar. She made each piece of silver jewelry using original Mexican silver-making techniques, and featured iconic images highlighting Mayan and Aztec art. She designed her art to reflect the historic and artistic contributions of Mexican culture in California. What a beautiful way to honor the culture the organization predominantly exists to serve!

Los Angeles Mexican event photographer
Traditional Mexican silver jewelry Los Angeles

The Art Bidding

Afterwards, guests entered the residence to a magnificent showing up art! Artists created each piece in support of the organization, and guests entered their name for a chance to purchase pieces that stood out to them. The art reflected subjects honoring Mexican culture.

art auction fundraiser for nonprofit los angeles

Speeches from Guests of Honor

After that, it was time for the auction to begin! But first, attendees gathered in the courtyard to hear speeches from CRLA guests of honor. Senator Maria Elena Durazo, famed lawyer Gloria Allred, and Father Greg Boyle of gang-intervention organization Homeboy Industries all spoke. Each leader spoke about how to best come together to protect rights for vulnerable workers. CRLA gave out awards to commemorate important milestones. And then it was time for the bidding to begin!

Senator Maria Elena Durazo speech Los Angeles
Gloria Allred attends Los Angeles event
Father Boyle from Homeboy Industries speaks at Los Angeles fundraiser
California Rural Legal Assistance organization fundraiser event photography

The Art Auction

Finally, it was time for the art auction! Attendees gathered excitedly to see who would take home the original works! Guests laughed and celebrated as each piece raffled off, to stiff competition I might add! It was great fun and everyone was a good sport about it.

The piece of honor was created in the image of CRLA executive director, Jose Padilla. The organization was tearful to celebrate his final year serving the organization. They raffled off a signed copy of his image in honor of all of the work he had done to protect rural workers across California.

As the night winded down, there was nothing left to do but drink tequila! Tequila Mandala provided shots, and everyone had a great evening!

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