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Beautiful Unexpected Proposal at Santa Monica Beach

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Unexpected Proposal at Santa Monica State Beach

This proposal at Santa Monica Beach was so much fun. Otha reached out to me in advance of the special day. He and Seri had been dating for several years and he knew it was time to pop the question. Normally, when I ask if the proposal will be a surprise, the answer is no. Otha guaranteed me that she wouldn’t see it coming. I found this prospect exciting, and we made plans to carry out this surprise.

The day came and I arrived at Santa Monica State Beach an hour early to hide. As per usual, I was wearing my tourist “costume” and blending in at the beach, cameras in hand. I watched Otha and Seri arrive. Quickly, I clocked her sweatpants and baseball cap. It was definitely going to be a surprise!

A Quick note on the pressures of proposal attire…

I love casual, surprise proposals. I don’t know why so many people feel pressure to be dressed up in their proposal photos. There is something magical about wild hair under a baseball cap, a plain white tank, and sweats that screams “authentic” to me. In 20 years, Otha and Seri are going to look back at these photos and remember the genuine surprise and joy she felt; and that it was real.

Just as Seri spread out her beach towel and laid down, Otha casually popped up on one knee and took out the ring. It took her a moment to process what was happening, and then she shot up in surprise.

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How cute is this reaction??? Cocktail dress or sweats, you can’t fake this stuff.

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After the excitement settled, we captured a few quick candids. Seri was completely overwhelmed with shock and emotion, so we kept the session low-key. I focused on capturing the immense affection these two had for each other. They were playful and silly, loving and sentimental. It was beautiful.

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Get in Touch!

Are you planning a secret proposal at Santa Monica Beach? Let’s get planning! Shoot me a message at I’ll make sure that your partner doesn’t see it coming.

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