epic nontraditional couple los angeles

The Most Awesome Nontraditional Elopement: Santa Monica

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epic nontraditional couple los angeles

This nontraditional elopement in Santa Monica was full of rambunctious fun! E & C got eloped at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Marina del Rey. The day was very eventful and full of unexpected surprises. There was even a wedding crasher! Scroll on to find out what happened.

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Getting Ready

E & C got ready as the sun was rising over the balcony. It was a calm morning, so different from the usual hustle and bustle of a traditional day. E took her time putting on makeup and doing her hair. Meanwhile C showed me the goods: custom, matching Adidas tracksuits (sponsorship, anyone?)

bride getting ready photo santa monica elopement

It was majestic. E & C had gotten the tracksuits made to order, engraved with their wedding date on one sleeve. And on the opposite sleeve? Their initials? No, my friends. Those are the initials of their cats.

custom adidas tracksuit wedding

In keeping with the theme, the only real decor was a very large painting they had commissioned of their cat, painted as royalty. They proudly displayed this artwork as friends and (somewhat confused but supportive) family joined for the celebration. In…you guessed it! Matching Adidas tracksuits. Such good sports.

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Family Arrives

After a quick first look of sorts (some were more willing to participate than others) elopement guests’ gifts were distributed.

first look santa monica elopement
first look residence inn marriott marina del rey
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E&C had been thoughtful enough to purchase adidas shoes for all of their guest. The kiddos were so excited to wear their new shoes! It was a very cute moment for everyone.

wedding gifts marina del rey
wedding favor santa monica
family candids santa monica elopement

The Ceremony

Finally! It was time for the ceremony. E, C, and their guests walked to Charlie Beach, a secluded and beautiful location for their elopement. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. E & C were excited to get married, and E’s niece and nephew were excited jump over puddles and go to the beach! It was a wonderful time.

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elopement charlie beach

Party Crasher!

E’s best friend officiated the 15 minute ceremony. Just as she pronounced them married, a wedding crasher appeared! It was early morning so no one was yet at the beach. Out a nowhere, a dog appeared and flopped down asking for belly pats. A moment later, his owner ran up panicking, not knowing what his dog had interrupted (remember, we’re all in tracksuits). It was a hilarious, precious, and memorable moment for all. Especially the dog.

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Elopement Success

And that was it! To finish the day, we took a walk and had a very lively, authentic nontraditional portraits. I encouraged everyone to pile in, and snapped away while everyone laughed, piggybacked, and high-kicked. It was an absolutely joyful experience. I thought, “this is how it should be. Always.”

Ok, hear me out: you can’t get married in matching custom tracksuits without me proposing something silly. And E&C were game, to my delight. I had them do a quick leapfrog and the results…were amazing. We did a little bit of dancing by the marina.
*Important note: in between the silly, I also secretly caught some really beautiful, candid images of them hanging out and being in love. Because that’s important, too. When a couple is comfortable with each other, it shows. I have no doubt that E & C’s love will last a lifetime.

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nontraditional elopement los angeles

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Are you a nontraditional couple looking for someone who “gets it?” Are you planning a nontraditional elopement inn Santa Monica or beyond? Let’s chat. Shoot me a message at hello@dariataylor.com and let’s discuss the silly, the somber, and everything in between.

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