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Informative Boutique Fitness Seminar Photos | Sofitel Beverly Hills

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keynote speaker beverly hills sofitel

The world of boutique fitness is so interesting! I absolutely love and fully support all of the unique ways people of all ages, bodies, and abilities can come together to move. Studio Grow coaches boutique fitness owners in the operation and marketing of their brands. Attendees from all over the world recently joined their Los Angeles mastermind. I captured seminar photos at the Sofitel Beverly Hills hotel where the event was hosted.

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Nothing like a morning stretch and laughter to kick off the day! I love fitness folks.

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The Speakers

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Fitness entrepreneur experts from all over the world came to share their knowledge about topics ranging from brand messaging to marketing, to establishing a loyal team. There is so much that goes into leading a team to provide a safe, inclusive fitness space for patrons. I appreciated the audience’s positivity and thoughtful questions. Everyone sought to create a positive experience for staff and members.

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Fun and Games?

Let’s face it. Back to back to back lectures can be boring, even if the topic is interesting and the speaker is engaging. To stir things up, the MCs played games for prizes in between sessions. It’s so funny how competitive people get when put on the spot! Do you think you could finish song lyrics to Whitney Houston masterpieces while 200 strangers watched? Only one way to find out…

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One of my favorite parts of the day: a studio owner filmed a “thank you” video for her staff and got the whole audience to chime in! Gratitude goes a long way.

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The Event Partners

As part of the experience, other boutique fitness adjacent brands showcased their offerings at the conference. They set up booths and shared tips, products and services to assist in the B2B side of their brand. I love watching people learn about new technologies that can help to make their lives easier and their businesses run smoother. It was a great experience for all.

On top of that, one vender was selling toe socks and athletic wear. Who doesn’t love a little bit of between-session shopping?

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Let’s Connect

Are you looking to capture upcoming seminar photos at Sofitel Beverly Hills? Let’s chat! Send me an email at and we can talk about creating marketing materials for your organization.

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