delta airlines culinary event photo

New Innovative Delta Airlines Culinary Event Photography | Los Angeles

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delta airlines culinary event photo

Delta Airlines: Culinary Event Photography Los Angeles Workshop

This culinary event photography in Los Angeles was mind-opening.

Have you ever wondered where airplane food comes from?

Me neither.

I had the opportunity to capture this extremely fun and unique culinary event with Delta Airlines. The premise: award winning chefs from all around the world gathered in Los Angeles to create Delta’s new in-flight menu. But there was a catch! Since these meals will be served to guests in flight, all meals had to be pre-cooked and able to be assembled using the limited resources and space in an aircraft. Sound like enough of a challenge?

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The Preparation

This part was so much fun to witness. The chefs split into teams of five and the competition was off! Each team huddled to create a game plan. Once notes were taken and everyone knew their roles, the makeshift kitchen was a buzz. To replicate the limits imposed on an airplane, each station was set up with only the tools available to staff who would be preparing the dishes. This was no issue for the chefs, who came up with all kinds of ingenious solutions to the problem. I was so impressed by their creative thinking. Soon, aromatic smells filled the air.

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Let the Cooking Begin!

If you’ve never seen award winning international chefs at work, it really is a sight to behold. Each of the chefs owned popular restaurants in major markets, from Atlanta to Tokyo. Limited resources and time restrictions were no challenge to them. They quickly whipped up all sorts of unique dishes, from breakfast sandwiches to salmon and steak entrees. The most interesting category was dietary restrictions. Chefs created meals that were prepared for people with dietary sensitives including vegan options, gluten-free options, and various allergens. It was so intriguing to watch these chefs whip up creative options for all guests in mind!

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The Final Judgment

At last! Time was called and all meals were finalized. The only thing left to do: eat! Delta staff joined the chefs in the kitchen to sample each in-flight meal kit. Chefs from each team presented their final dishes and explained how and why they chose each entree. Staff then sampled from their dishes and ultimately decided which meals would make the final menu. Did you have any idea this level of attention and care went into in-flight meals? I did not, and it was totally impressive.

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Get in Touch

Next time you hear “airplane food” and groan, stop and give it a try. At least on Delta airlines. This culinary event photography in Los Angeles was such an eye-opening experience. Are you planning your upcoming culinary event? Let’s get in touch. Shoot me an email at and we will begin planning how to capture your next event!

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