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You Need to See this Unique Wes Anderson Quinceañera| Fun Party Photographer Los Angeles

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twentieth century womens club eagle rock quinceañera

Wes Anderson themed quinceañera

This quinceañera was a blast! As a fun party photographer in Los Angeles, I love a non-traditional event, and this certainly hit the mark! Zee’s childhood nanny is like a second mom to her. When she turned 15, they decided to celebrate with an all-out quinceañera! Although Zee’s immediate family has never thrown a quince, they committed to hosting the best party ever in honor of her nanny. It was a beautiful melding of different traditions and cultures, with a twist to make it Zee’s own.

The party was hosted in Eagle Rock, at the Twentieth Century Womens Club. This historic building has such character and charm. It was the perfect backdrop to Zee’s unique Wes Anderson themed party! For those who don’t know, Wes Anderson is an eccentric filmmaker known for his disctinctive style. His films, such as Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Royal Tenenbaums have garnered a cult following. Zee chose to ring in her brithday party in the style and decor of The Grand Budapest Hotel! And it was quite a hit!

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I couldn’t believe how spot on her planner had gotten all of the decor. Every little detail, from the Mendl’s boxes to the Lobby Boy hats was absolute perfection!

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They even had guest favor keychains in the theme of the movie! How cute!

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Guest arrival

Zee invited her whole class and their parents to the party. I was so much fun seeing guests of all ages take on the theme! Some chose to wear the colors of the film, and some went all out and wore detailed costumes of their chosen character! Despite the summer heat, some people even wore full ski gear! You gotta respect the commitment.

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This gentleman even smuggled in his own flask of whisky. I’m not sure if it was in keeping with the Wes Anderson theme or a children’s party, but you do you! I’m here to photograph, not to judge.


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After guests were settled inside, Zee’s mother and father gave a speech in honor of the birthday girl. Afterwards, she gave her own speech as well. It was obvious that they are a very tight-knit family, and it was so sweet to hear their inside jokes and how much love and joy they share. What a sweet family! Ana, Zee’s nanny, even got emotional listening to the speeches! Zee is a beautiful and articulate young woman.

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Cake Cutting

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Ok. This cake was something else. This triple-decker monstrosity took an army to cut through, and was as lavish and colorful as the birthday girl. Each layer was a different flavor, and they were all equally delicious!

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Dance floor opens!

And now for the moment everyone had been waiting for–the dance floor opened! Zee, her classmates, and their parents joined the dance floor for some raucous fun. It was so great to see everyone laughing and celebrating together!

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I adore this photo of Zee dancing with her mother. You can’t fake this closeness!

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And when the partying gets too much– naptime ensues.

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And when the fireball whisky runs dry–massages ensue.

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twentieth century womens club eagle rock

Get in Touch

Are you hosting a themed event? Let’s talk. I’d love to bring your vision to life, and potentially photoshop you into silly scenarios in keeping with your theme. Just don’t be surprised if I dress up. After all– I have a fun party photographer in Los Angeles reputation to live up to!

Shoot me a message at and we will get to planning!

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