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Engagement Shoot

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This engagement session was so dramatic! Steven and Jasmine flew all the way in from Texas to capture really stunning Point Dume engagement photos. This location is excellent for people who want that classic Malibu beach look without tons of walking.

Prior to our session, I chatted with my couple about what they wanted to wear. Jasmine really wanted epic, dramatic photos, so she selected dresses with lots of flowy fabric to catch the wind. The day of the session, we were so excited that there was the perfect amount of breeze to make some epic photos!

candid engagement photo malibu
couple laughs at beach in malibu
black and white candid photo couple point dume

Point Dume State Beach

I love Point Dume this time of year because the area was filled with blooming wildflowers! We were able to capture stunning photos by the water as well as photos that looked like they were taken in a meadow. And just steps away!

wildflowers point dume state beach

After a quick wardrobe change, we decided to get some really dramatic photos. It’s amazing how much an outfit change can set a totally different tone for the photos! Jasmine’s first dress was fun, light, and floral. It was perfect for fun, lighthearted photos by the water. Her second dress was perfect for the more dramatic look she wanted. We played with the fabric of the dress in the wind for the maximum effect! You tell us–did we do it?

dramatic engagement photo point dume state beach
engagement ring black and white photo
engagement session malibu

At some point, the tide rolled in unexpectedly and we all got soaked. Jasmine and Steven started laughing and it made for some really beautiful candid photos. I love a couple that is not afraid to interact with their environment to get the shot! After all, what fun is a beach shoot without a little sand and surf?

Are you interested in capturing Point Dume engagement photos together? Shoot me a message! You can fill out my contact form or email me directly at and we’ll chat about your upcoming session!

epic engagement photo malibu
superbloom point dume state beach engagement
black and white photo couple in flowers point dume
black and white photo couple malibu
couple in wildflowers malibu

Epic Point Dume Engagement Photos

romantic couple photo under giant tree at Leo Carrillo State beach in Malibu

Couples Photography

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This sweet and simple engagement shoot was so intimate and romantic! This couple was in town for just two days to get eloped at the Turkish Embassy in Los Angeles before flying back to Turkey to officially wed in front of their friends and family. They had always dreamed of traveling to Los Angeles, and took advantage of their wedding vacation time to visit!

After their elopement ceremony, they wanted to take their engagement photos at the beach in Malibu. We planned to meet at one of my favorite locations: Leo Carrillo State Beach. I love Leo Carrillo for the variety of scenery and privacy. It’s one of my favorite beaches for photos.

We experienced a rare summer rain in LA on the day of the elopement. It was lightly misting at the beach in Malibu. Although it was gorgeous and romantic, it wasn’t what they had originally had in mind! They were only in town for 2 days, so there was no rescheduling. We chatted and they decided to brave through it, but let me know that they didn’t want to get wet. Not a problem! I found a dry spot and we had an amazing session together.

The session was ultra-romantic because no one else was at the beach that day. We had the entire misty beach to ourselves! The sound of the waves crashing was clear and calming. I invited them to take the opportunity to reflect on their relationship. They had been together for years, and it was so special to be able to finally become official!

Are you interested in capturing a sweet and simple engagement shoot in Los Angeles? Let’s connect. Shoot me an email at and we’ll get started on planning your upcoming session together!

romantic couple photo under giant tree at Leo Carrillo State beach in Malibu
engaged couple at beach in malibu
engaged couple shows ring at Leo Carrillo State Beach
beautiful engagement ring malibu
black and white photo turkish couple in malibu
black and white engagement photo malibu
candid couple moment malibu photoshoot
couple shows off ring in malibu
engagement ring leo carrillo
engaged couple from Turkey

Sweet and Simple Engagement Shoot with Turkish Travelers | Leo Carrillo

couple poses in silhouette at El Matador Beach in Malibu

Engagement Shoot

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This El Matador Beach Photoshoot could not have been any more romantic. Hudson took his wife, Sara to Malibu to celebrate their baby-moon, and wanted to surprise her with a photoshoot commemorating the vacation. I thought the idea was so sweet and thoughtful. Hudson and I chatted in secret leading up to the shoot to decide on a location that Sara would love. They were flying in from out of town and had never been to California before. He mentioned that she really loved the beach, so I recommended having our photoshoot at El Matador Beach in Malibu. I sent him some sample images and he knew she would love it.

couple poses in silhouette at El Matador Beach in Malibu

The day of the shoot, Hudson and Sara arrived at the beach. I watched them pull up and Sara ran out of the car. She was so excited to see the ocean at one of Malibu’s most spectacular and impressive beaches! Hudson let her know that they were actually there for a photoshoot, and then he introduced her to me. I was standing nearby with my camera gear and Sara was so excited! She couldn’t believe the surprise. I love working with people to plan surprise photoshoots for their loved ones. Photoshoots make for a unique and thoughtful gift. Not only are you creating a fun experience, but you’re capturing it so to remember forever!

couple poses above cliffs at El Matador Beach
romantic black and white couple photography malibu

El Matador is always pretty busy during sunset, but I found beautiful areas to pose them so they wouldn’t have other people in the background of their photos. I encouraged them to soak in the beauty of the location and to have fun with it! I posed them overlooking the beach, kissing on rocky outcroppings above the water, and running through the ocean. They were game for all of it! I love when my couples are down to have a fun, playful shoot. The images came out playful and romantic, and will be a great way for Hudson and Sara to remember their first trip to Malibu!

husband picks up wife romantic beach photoshoot malibu

Are you looking to gift a photoshoot to someone you love? Or are you traveling to Los Angeles for a vacation you’d like to remember? I’d love to chat! Feel free to reach out to me at and we can plan your next playful beach shoot.

husband carries wife at romantic sunset beach los angeles
black and white couple piggyback los angeles
couple holding hands at beach los angeles
playful young couple runs through water at beach in Malibu
young couple laughs at beach in Los Angeles
couple holds hand at beach in Malibu

Romantic El Matador Beach Photoshoot