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Los Angeles event photography

La Venta Inn: Palos Verdes Estates

It was so much fun capturing these festive 4th of July photos at La Venta Inn in Rancho Palos Verdes! This historic venue turns 100 years old this year. Can you believe it? To celebrate, they’re hosting a number of fun community events. I had the privilege of capturing the 4th of July party.

La Venta Inn is a historical venue overlooking the ocean in Palos Verdes Estates. The Spanish style architecture, courtyard fountain, and gardens overlooking the ocean make this spot a unique venue for weddings and events. I loved how the team transformed the ballroom to reflect the patriotic theme of the event!

Historic La Venta Inn in Rancho Palos Verdes
4th of July party decor Los Angeles
La Venta Inn photography
La Venta Inn wedding photography

4th of July festivies!

Members of the Palos Verdes community joined together to celebrate the 4th of July with delicious food by Made by Meg catering, lawn games, and plenty of fun family activities. Guests sprawled on the lawn overlooking the peninsula and enjoyed the beautiful views and weather. Family, friends, laughter, and hot dogs on the grill? What could be better?

Rancho Palos Verdes wedding and event venue
Los Angeles party photographer

Nighttime activities at La Venta

As the sun went down for the evening, guests gathered inside in the ballroom. Everyone enjoyed more delicious drinks and snacks. There was a full bar, a french fry station, and even a popcorn station! For dessert, guests enjoyed ice cream with sprinkles. I don’t care where you come from, food is an integral part of the 4th of July and La Venta did not disappoint!

Later in the evening, guests enjoyed a spirited game of Bingo for prizes. It’s always fun to find activities and games that people of all ages can enjoy together. Some of the kids got pretty competitive about winning–and some of the adults did too!

candid Los Angeles event photographer

Are you interested in capturing photos at La Venta Inn? Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, or another type of event, let’s chat. Shoot me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on my website and let’s connect about capturing beautiful memories at this historic venue!

event photographer Los Angeles

Happy 4th of July Celebration Photos at La Venta Inn

stunning wedding ceremony at St. Mercurius and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church in Torrance

Wedding Photography

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This Coptic Los Verdes Golf Course wedding was an absolute dream come true! Veronica and Alfred married in a traditional Coptic Orthodox ceremony surrounded by friends and family. It was a beautiful and joyous day. Also, I’d officially like to nominate this bride for the most infectious smile! She couldn’t stop smiling all day, and her joy was absolutely contagious.

Getting Ready at Terranea Resort

The day started off at the gorgeous Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. I love this location for getting ready because there are so many beautiful spots tucked away in the resort to capture photos overlooking the ocean. Veronica and her wedding party got ready in a private cabana as they waited for her groom and his groomsmen to join them.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate this bride’s dress: have you ever seen anything so elegant? The entire dress was embroidered with beads and pearls. The dress also featured a floor length cape that fastened at the waist. The entire ensemble was completed with a cathedral-length veil. It was absolutely breathtaking. It weighed about 100 lbs, but we all agreed it was well worth it!

Veronica’s mother and maid of honor helped her get into this stunning gown, and then it was time for a quick first look with her wedding party before headed out to first look. Her bridesmaids had seen the dress, but nothing could prepare them for what it looked like on! The bride was an absolute vision.

bride getting ready at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes
Bridal party getting ready at Terranea Resort

First Look and Vow Readings

Finally, Alfred and his groomsmen arrived at Terranea, and we got him in place for the first look! He was nervous and excited as he waited for Veronica to tap him on the shoulder to see for the first time that day, and last time as an engaged couple! The first look location was stunning. We selected a grassy site in the middle of the courtyard. The location had an unobstructed view of the ocean and rolling hills of Rancho Palos Verdes, ad the slightly overcast sky created a dreamy look for the romantic moment.

Alfred and Veronica had written their private vows down in preparation for this moment, and chose to read them aloud to each other prior to the traditional ceremony. The vows were emotional and heartfelt. Have you ever met a couple that balances each other so well that you know they’re destined to be together forever? Yep. That’s Veronica and Alfred. She is bubbly and exuberant, and he is grounded and steady. It was beautiful witnessing them both express their love in their unique ways. As they experienced a emotional private moment together, a flock of pelicans flew overhead! How magical is that??

emotional first look at Terranea resort South Bay
Romantic Terranea Resort Wedding Rancho Palos Verdes

After the vow readings, immediate family joined them under the gazebo for a sweet moment before the ceremony. Alfred’s mom tried to hide her tearfulness. as she reflected on the fact that her son was about to be married! I know that traditionally weddings are heavily focused on the bride’s side, but I am an absolute sucker for a sweet moment with the mother of the groom. After all, it’s (kind of) her day to celebrate, too!

Ceremony at St. Mercurius and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church

After that, it was time. for the ceremony to begin. We arrived at St. Mercurius and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox church for the traditional Egyptian ceremony. Orthodox churches are so special. The interior was ornate and spectacular! There’s something so regal about Coptic Orthodox churches that add a formal and ritualistic element to the ceremonies.

Coptic Orthodox weddings have many special traditions to guide the bride and groom into their commitment. Beginning with the processional, the priests carry the Coptic cross, symbolizing the eternal love of God. After bride and groom are joined on the altar, the ceremony begins with matrimonial prayers and hymns. Priests adorn the bride and groom in ornate capes. Then it is time to exchange rings. The rings are tied together with a red silk ribbon or handkerchief, symbolizes the bond that is being made between the couple to the blood of the Lord and cannot be broken.

Afterwards, the priest ties priest anoints the couple with Holy Oil, for sanctification and blessings. Lastly, he gives the Blessing of the Crowns to signify the spiritual significance of their new status as husband and wife. The groom is then draped in the chasuble and the priest gives the final blessing and absolution. During the raising of incense, the church filled with smokey air and the light streaming in through the stained glass windows created a beautiful effect!

Finally, Alfred and Veronica were pronounced husband and wife, and led the recessional to clapping and cheers! Congratulations to the newly married couple!

st. mercurius and st. abraam coptic orthodox church
Egyptian Coptic Orthodox wedding los Angeles
Father walks Egyptian bride down aisle at St. Mercurius and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church
stunning coptic orthodox wedding ceremony los angeles
stunning wedding ceremony at St. Mercurius and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church in Torrance

Reception at Los Verdes Golf Course–The Party!

After the ceremony concluded, Alfred and Veronica hopped in their party bus and headed to the reception to celebrate their Coptic Los Verdes Golf Course wedding!

The Vista Ballroom was decorated with delicate floral arrangements and draping with twinkle lights. The bride and groom entered with their guests and the party began! Guests of every age surrounded the couple on the dance floor, and everyone enthusiastically celebrated the bride and groom’s official status as husband and wife!

wedding party bus los angeles
palos verdes wedding venues
bride and groom dance in Vista Ballroom at Los Verdes Golf Course
wedding party los verdes golf course palos verdes beach venues

Parent Dances and First Dance in the Vista Ballroom

After the dance floor opened, guests were seated for the formal dances. The groom’s dance with his mother was sweet, emotional, and sentimental. The bride’s dance with her father was lively and joyful! It was so fun getting to capture each parent’s unique relationship with their child.

Then it was time for the couple’s first dance! Alfred and Veronica twirled, spun, and dipped their way across the dance floor. There was even a scoop and a lift to finish it off! It was all very impressive. I wonder how much practice it took to perfect!

The couple was seated and it was time for speeches. The maid of honor and best man gave a toast to the couple, and had the bride and groom and their guests howling with laughter and dabbing tears out of their eyes. It was so sweet to see how much love they had for Veronica and Alfred!

To conclude, the couple thanked their guests for joining them for the special day. They cut the cake to make it official, and ended the night with more dancing! Everyone joined them back out on the dance floor and a raucous night was had by all.

Are you planning your next Coptic Los Verdes Golf Course Wedding? Or a Coptic Orthodox wedding elsewhere? Let’s connect! Send me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and let’s make sure that every detail and tradition is captured. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

mother son dance vista ballroom los verdes golf course
father daughter dance vista ballroom los verdes golf course
bride and groom first dance vista ballroom los verdes golf course
best wedding venues south bay
black and white candid bride and groom Los Verdes Golf Course Wedding
bride and groom cut cake in vista ballroom Los Verdes Golf Course

Startlingly Beautiful Coptic Los Verdes Golf Course Wedding

art auction fundraiser for nonprofit los angeles

Event Photography

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I love that nonprofit event photography in Los Angeles gives me an opportunity to learn about different organizations and causes! This vibrant event checked that box and more. I had the privilege of capturing the annual fundraiser for California Rural Legal Assistance, a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal services to low-income residents of California’s rural counties. This organization does the important work of providing legal services to ensure workers’ rights are protected. Companies often exploit workers when there is a language barrier. CRLA’s intervention is necessary in order to create fair and just labor conditions in the rural communities of California. It was a joy to be a part of an event raising funds to continue offering this necessary service to workers across the state.

CRLA Tardeada

The event (or tardeada as it was called), loosely translates to “early afternoon party.” It was hosted at a private residence in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. And what a residence it was! The spectacular property sat on a private hill overlooking Griffith Park. The views were enough to take your breath away! One of my favorite facts about the home was that the owner had begun life as a migrant farm worker before taking up law in order to protect workers in the same conditions he began in. What a beautiful success story!

Guests involved with supporting the organization poured into the residence to mingle, celebrate a year of hard work, and bid on art to raise funds for the following year. Guests enjoyed tequila and handmade tacos catered by La Parrilla restaurant. They also perused jewelry by Latina Designs by Pilar. She made each piece of silver jewelry using original Mexican silver-making techniques, and featured iconic images highlighting Mayan and Aztec art. She designed her art to reflect the historic and artistic contributions of Mexican culture in California. What a beautiful way to honor the culture the organization predominantly exists to serve!

Los Angeles Mexican event photographer
Traditional Mexican silver jewelry Los Angeles

The Art Bidding

Afterwards, guests entered the residence to a magnificent showing up art! Artists created each piece in support of the organization, and guests entered their name for a chance to purchase pieces that stood out to them. The art reflected subjects honoring Mexican culture.

art auction fundraiser for nonprofit los angeles

Speeches from Guests of Honor

After that, it was time for the auction to begin! But first, attendees gathered in the courtyard to hear speeches from CRLA guests of honor. Senator Maria Elena Durazo, famed lawyer Gloria Allred, and Father Greg Boyle of gang-intervention organization Homeboy Industries all spoke. Each leader spoke about how to best come together to protect rights for vulnerable workers. CRLA gave out awards to commemorate important milestones. And then it was time for the bidding to begin!

Senator Maria Elena Durazo speech Los Angeles
Gloria Allred attends Los Angeles event
Father Boyle from Homeboy Industries speaks at Los Angeles fundraiser
California Rural Legal Assistance organization fundraiser event photography

The Art Auction

Finally, it was time for the art auction! Attendees gathered excitedly to see who would take home the original works! Guests laughed and celebrated as each piece raffled off, to stiff competition I might add! It was great fun and everyone was a good sport about it.

The piece of honor was created in the image of CRLA executive director, Jose Padilla. The organization was tearful to celebrate his final year serving the organization. They raffled off a signed copy of his image in honor of all of the work he had done to protect rural workers across California.

As the night winded down, there was nothing left to do but drink tequila! Tequila Mandala provided shots, and everyone had a great evening!

Are you planning your next nonprofit event photography in Los Angeles? Let’s connect! Shoot me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com or fill out my contact form. We can strategize together about how to utilize event photography to move your mission forward.

Vibrant And Colorful Nonprofit Event Photography in Los Angeles | CRLA

Los Angeles Event Photographer

Event Photography

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Design Event Photography in LA never disappoints, and this occasion was no exception! I returned to Mehraban Rugs to capture their Legends 2023: Fashions of Home event. They hosted the event in their West Hollywood showroom. It featured a keynote discussion with acclaimed luxury designer, Erin Fetherston.

Mehraban Rugs

Mehraban Rugs is known for their unique, luxury rugs that transform interiors into daring and artistic spaces. I absolutely love the original art their designers create! It was such a thrill to be able to showcase each designer’s individual style within the showroom. Attendees enjoyed interacting with the high-end pieces.

Designer Erin Fetherston gives keynote speech in West Hollywood

The Keynote Discussion

Erin Fetherston joined California Home + Design magazine to discuss the ever-evolving intersection between fashion and interior design for their 2023 Legends Design Festival. The discussion was led by CA Home + Design editorial director, Lindsey Shook. She and Erin discussed wide ranging topics from taking inspiration from fashion to home decor, to the importance of collaboration. Erin’s work is celebrated around the world and has been featured in collaboration with famous fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth to actress Kirsten Dunst. She has sold pieces at major companies ranging from Neiman Marcus to Target and everything in between.

Interior Design Festival West Hollywood Los Angeles

Networking with Designers: Design Inspiration!

After the keynote discussion, Erin mingled with event attendees to chat about all things design! It was so much fun getting to see how excited everyone was to speak with her. Attendees asked her about her experience and enjoyed learning from her. It was inspirational for all!

Mehraban’s curated showroom featured rugs from 16 talented designers from around the world. Each of the designers was present for the keynote discussion, and they too mingled with attendees after the chat. It was fun meeting each designer and guessing which rug they designed! All of the pieces were so unique.

Designers Mehraban Rugs event photography
Los Angeles Event Photographer

Lastly, event attendees enjoyed a lunch catered by Kogi Korean BBQ. This famous Korean-Mexican fusion food truck is famous throughout the Los Angeles area! Amazing food, inspirational design talks, and mingling with creatives– what more can you want?

Kogi BBQ food truck West Hollywood event catering
West Hollywood event photographer

One of my favorite parts about the work I do is getting to enter different worlds and learn from experts in different industries and walks of life. Capturing design event photography in LA for this keynote discussion was no exception! Are you looking to capture event photography for your industry? Let’s chat! Fill out my form or send me an email at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and we’ll connect about showcasing all of the incredible work you do.

CA Home and Design Magazine

Daring and Luxurious Home Design Event Photography LA

Best Rancho Cucamonga Wedding Venue The Christmas House Inn and Gardens

Wedding Photography

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Celebrating this Christmas House Inn Wedding with Vivian and Ed was so much fun! The Christmas House Inn and Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga is an absolutely stunning wedding venue for couples in the Los Angeles/Inland Empire area. Read on to learn more about this vibrant and romantic wedding!

Best Rancho Cucamonga Wedding Venue The Christmas House Inn and Gardens

Getting Ready in Pomona

Vivian and Ed were such a fun couple! They had been dating for many years before they decided to tie the knot, and their relationship was so special. As an Egyptian couple, they celebrated a Coptic wedding ceremony. They started their special day getting ready at a hotel in Pomona. They had a large wedding party, so their rooms were filled with bridesmaids and groomsmen who were ready to celebrate! After a quick tequila toast, Vivian and Ed got ready for their first look. This first look was special because Vivian had a surprise gift for Ed. She surprised him with a boutonniere pin of his father. I was touched as I captured Ed’s beautiful and emotional reaction to the thoughtful gift. Afterwards, it was time to head to St. John’s Coptic Orthodox Church for the ceremony!

St. John Coptic Orthodox Church Ceremony

I love a Coptic ceremony! Egyptian weddings are stunning and have so many special traditions built into the ceremony. After the processional, the ceremony began with matrimonial prayers and hymns. The bride and groom don ornate capes and exchange rings. The priest anoints the couple with Holy Oil and gives the Blessing of the Crowns to signify the spiritual significance of their new status as husband and wife. Lastly, the groom is draped in the chasuble and the priest gives the blessing and absolution. Coptic orthodox ceremonies are beautiful and elaborate, and never fail to invoke a regal feel to the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony at St. John Coptic Orthodox Church in Covina

Reception at Christmas House Inn Wedding Venue

After the ceremony, it was time to party! The bride, groom, and guests headed to the Christmas House Inn and Gardens to celebrate their new status as husband and wife. I love this wedding venue because it’s so unique. The historic Victorian home was built to impress, and it certainly does. The house is filled with antique charm and the grounds feature beautiful fountains, rose gardens, and lush greenery to make you feel like you stepped back in time. Vivian and her bridesmaids took a moment before the reception to rest in a private room. They looked like royalty as they reclined on velvet couches and checked their makeup at a vintage vanity set.

Christmas House Inn and Gardens Wedding Romantic Venue

I captured a few romantic photos of the bride and groom around the property. It was a nice (but brief) quiet intermission from the party, and they got to really reflect on their new status as husband and wife. The grounds were peaceful and provided a beautiful backdrop to their romantic photos.

Stunning Christmas House Inn and Gardens wedding photography bride and groom

And finally, it was party time! The bride and groom made their grand entrance, complete with confetti canon. They took a seat at their sweetheart table and thanked their guests for coming to celebrate with them in one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard! Family and friends went wild with cheers. This group was so much fun! Fun couples attract fun friends and family, and it was wonderful to capture such a lively group. Afterwards, dinner and dancing commenced! It was a fun and wonderful night for everyone.

Bride and groom wedding celebration The Christmas House Inn and Gardens
My favorite part of the cake: their dogs!

Are you looking for a photographer for your Christmas House Inn Wedding? Do you have questions about the venue? Let’s get in touch! Send me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and we’ll chat about creating beautiful, romantic images together in this charming venue. I love a SoCal wedding with some vintage charm! Let’s get in touch.

Exciting and Stunning Coptic Christmas House Inn Wedding

candid engagement photo malibu

Engagement Shoot

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This engagement session was so dramatic! Steven and Jasmine flew all the way in from Texas to capture really stunning Point Dume engagement photos. This location is excellent for people who want that classic Malibu beach look without tons of walking.

Prior to our session, I chatted with my couple about what they wanted to wear. Jasmine really wanted epic, dramatic photos, so she selected dresses with lots of flowy fabric to catch the wind. The day of the session, we were so excited that there was the perfect amount of breeze to make some epic photos!

candid engagement photo malibu
couple laughs at beach in malibu
black and white candid photo couple point dume

Point Dume State Beach

I love Point Dume this time of year because the area was filled with blooming wildflowers! We were able to capture stunning photos by the water as well as photos that looked like they were taken in a meadow. And just steps away!

wildflowers point dume state beach

After a quick wardrobe change, we decided to get some really dramatic photos. It’s amazing how much an outfit change can set a totally different tone for the photos! Jasmine’s first dress was fun, light, and floral. It was perfect for fun, lighthearted photos by the water. Her second dress was perfect for the more dramatic look she wanted. We played with the fabric of the dress in the wind for the maximum effect! You tell us–did we do it?

dramatic engagement photo point dume state beach
engagement ring black and white photo
engagement session malibu

At some point, the tide rolled in unexpectedly and we all got soaked. Jasmine and Steven started laughing and it made for some really beautiful candid photos. I love a couple that is not afraid to interact with their environment to get the shot! After all, what fun is a beach shoot without a little sand and surf?

Are you interested in capturing Point Dume engagement photos together? Shoot me a message! You can fill out my contact form or email me directly at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and we’ll chat about your upcoming session!

epic engagement photo malibu
superbloom point dume state beach engagement
black and white photo couple in flowers point dume
black and white photo couple malibu
couple in wildflowers malibu

Epic Point Dume Engagement Photos

beautiful couple portraits at the penthouse at the huntley hotel santa monica

Couples Photography

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black and white couple portrait los angeles photographer

This romantic Santa Monica proposal was so special! Aaron, the soon-to-be-groom, contacted me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend, Anna. He wanted to propose to her at Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica. After that, they headed to a romantic dinner at the Penthouse restaurant at The Huntley Hotel. Aaron had planned a luxurious and intimate dinner. He even had floral arrangements sent to the Penthouse restaurant ahead of time.

The proposal

It was an overcast day, so Anna and Aaron had the beach to themselves when they arrived. The light was soft and the waves were gently crashing against the shore. It created an intimate backdrop to one of the most important moments in their relationship. Aaron proposed to Anna and she was overwhelmed with joy! It was such a special moment to witness and get to capture!

As I photographed them and got to witness their interactions, it became so clear to me why they fit together so perfectly. Anna and Aaron are kind; they speak to each other with respect, and they have each other’s backs. It is a deep relationship, and was beautiful to see how comfortable they were in each other’s presence. I had the opportunity to get really authentic images with them by encouraging them to interact with each other and to take in the special moment. What a beautiful couple!

The celebration dinner

Afterwards, we headed to the Penthouse restaurant at the luxurious Huntley hotel in Santa Monica. We took some photos in the glass elevator leading up to the restaurant to get a aerial view of the city. Later, we captured really airy and romantic photos in the canopied booth. Lastly, the restaurant brought out champagne for a toast, and Anna and Aaron were glowing with joy. It was a beautiful evening to photograph and a perfect, romantic Santa Monica proposal!

Looking for a proposal photographer?

Are you interested in planning your upcoming proposal session? Let’s connect! Send me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and we will make sure your photoshoot is everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

surprise proposal at will rogers state beach
surprise proposal santa monica beach
newly engaged couple celebrates at will rogers state beach
couple photography santa monica
candid black and white beach proposal will rogers
joyful couple skips at will rogers state beach
candid engagement photo santa monica
will rogers state beach engagement session
happy engaged couple santa monica
black and white hug santa monica engagement
will rogers state beach engagement photography
will rogers state beach couple photos
will rogers state beach candid couple photography
couple silhouette photography santa monica
will rogers state beach engagement session
the huntley hotel couple session
romantic portraits at the huntley hotel santa monica
engagement ring santa monica
beautiful couple portraits at the penthouse at the huntley hotel santa monica
engagement photos the huntley hotel
black and white couples photography the huntley restaurant
engagement session at the penthouse the huntley hotel
romantic engagement dinner the huntley hotel
engagement floral bouquet at the huntley hotel
engagement toast the huntley hotel
couple silhouette santa monica engagement
candid black and white photography the huntley hotel
black and white photo the huntley
champagne toast engaged couple the penthouse the huntley hotel

Beautiful and Romantic Santa Monica Proposal Photos at Will Rogers State Beach

Barry's Venice turns 6

Event Photography

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What can I say about Barry’s Bootcamp?? I am not a fan; I’m obsessed. I’ll admit, I was a late joiner to Barry’s Bootcamp. I took my first class in 2023 and never looked back. Which is why I was SO excited to photograph Barry’s Bootcamp Venice location’s 6th anniversary!

Barry’s Bootcamp was born in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1998. However, it took until 2017 for the brand to expand to the nearby neighborhood of Venice Beach! The Venice location is amazing. It’s spacious, clean, and has some of the nicest staff!

The Venice studio goes all out!

In celebration of the Venice location turning 6, the studio went all out. Classes featured a live DJ and the energy was incredible! Barry’s is known for its amazing instructors and playlists that make each class energetic and fun (even when you feel like you’re dying) but having a live DJ in class was next level. The studio also catered Sweetgreens lunches for participants. Later on, Nocco sponsored the event and energy drink shots were passed around halfway through class as a fun surprise for participants! After class, everyone enjoyed lunch, Nocco beverages, and of course, Fuel Bar smoothies!

Finally, the most exciting part of the event: Barry’s Bootcamp Venice hosted complimentary B-12 shots from Modwella! B-12 supplements assist in recovery and energy. There was a registered nurse on site giving free B-12 injections and people lined up to receive them! Venice is known for many things, including having a high population of health freaks, and it was so much fun moving our bodies together and celebrating an incredible studio. It’s so fun getting to build community while doing something nice for your body.

Need an event photographer?

I’m so happy I got to capture such a fun event! Are you planning your next corporate event and looking for a photographer? I can help! Send me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and let’s connect! I can’t wait to start planning your next event with you!

Barry's Bootcamp Southern California team
Barry's Venice turns 6
candid event photography los angeles
kids smile in front of mural Barry's Bootcamp Venice
Modwella mobile IV therapy
nurse gives B-12 shots to Barry's instructor
The Best HIIT workout in the world Barry's Bootcamp
inside Barry's Bootcamp Red Room
candid corporate event photography Barry's Bootcamp Venice
Barry's Bootcamp Nocco drink sponsor
live DJ class Barry's Bootcamp
DJ class Barry's Venice Anniversary
Live DJ workout class Barry's
Nocco shots inside Barry's workout
Modwella sponsor Barry's Bootcamp Venice
B-12 shots Venice Barry's Bootcamp
health and wellness sponsor Barry's bootcamp Venice
Barry's Bootcamp Nocco partnership
Los Angeles event photography decor
Barry's Bootcamp instructors Venice

The Best Workout That Will Make You Strong | Barry’s Bootcamp Venice Turns 6!

funny corporate photography los angeles

Event Photography

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funny corporate photography los angeles

I had so much fun capturing event photography at Openaire for this company’s holiday party! I’ve previously worked with this amazing company several time to capture events for their team and they never disappoint! Whenever they get together, everyone is always ready to party as hard as they work. It’s amazing to see such a fun and inclusive group come together to celebrate a job well done.

The team rented out Openaire restaurant, which is a swanky and modern greenhouse event space at the Line Hotel on Wilshire Blvd. I love this event space because it offers a cozy but elevated space for smaller parties. I’m particularly partial to all of the hanging greenery in the greenhouse inspired space! It certainly adds a fun dimension to photos.

The company’s event coordinator went all out! Firstly, attendees enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres, amazing cocktails, and a delicious buffet style dinner. Afterwards, for entertainment, there was a tarot reader to predict New Years fortunes. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed a 360 degree interactive photo booth with props! Guests wore formal attire to kick off the new year and to celebrate an amazing close to the 2022 business year. It was so fun seeing all of the teams mingling and having so much fun together! Later on, the night kicked off with dancing! Eventually some were even brave enough to break out the dance moves!

I absolutely love a close-knit team. One of the many reasons I love working with this company is how positive and supportive everyone is towards one another. Team work makes the dream work! Might as well have fun while you’re doing it!

Are you presently planning to capture event photography at Openaire? I’d love to chat with you to learn more about your vision for your corporate or private event and how I can help! Once you’re ready, shoot me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and let’s get to planning your upcoming event! Until then!

Openaire restaurant at the Line Hotel
holiday event at Openaire restaurant
The line Hotel
Corporate photography openaire
corporate event photographer los angeles
tarot event photography los angeles
tarot los angeles
tarot los angeles
black and white candid event photography los angeles
holiday party los angeles
candid los angeles photographer
cocktail party los angeles
corporate photography los angeles
black and white candid event photography los angeles
happy candid photography los angeles
black and white event photo los angeles
tarot reader los angeles
entertainment corporate event los angeles
corporate event photographer los angeles
event photographer los angeles
Later, the 360 photo booth was a hit!
photo booth with props los angeles party
company photography los angeles
girl laughs at corporate event los angeles
candid company party
photo props los angeles
Air guitar. Obviously.
candid photos los angeles
guy dances at corporate event openaire
openaire bar los angeles
women hug at openaire los angeles
openaire event photos los angeles
Dancing and Karoke till dawn! I love it!
group photo at the line hotel los angeles
black and white image openaire restaurant los angeles
laughing at the line hotel los angeles
toast at openaire los angeles photographer
Finally, the party concluded with a toast.
candid photo corporate party openaire

Lively and Exciting Holiday Event Photography at Openaire

bar mitzvah celebration los angeles

Event Photography

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This epic La Cañada Flintridge Country Club bar mitzvah was so much fun to photograph! I honestly don’t know who had more fun, me or the guests. There’s just something about photographing mitzvah-age kids that I get a huge kick out of! Jacob’s family hosted his mitzvah at the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club, a stunning event venue overlooking Los Angeles.

Jacob’s bar mitzvah started with a family portraits before the formal ceremony. It was so sweet getting to see all of Jacob’s close family members, family friends, and school friends come together to celebrate with him! Jacob comes from a really sweet, connected family.

Afterwards, the ceremony began. Jacob read from the torah and gave his thoughts and interpretations on scriptures that stook out to him. In a surprise twist, the ceremony concluded with guests throwing candy at him! I think the kids took it a little bit more intensely than was planned, and Jacob and his father ducked for cover as they were lovingly pelted with candy. I literally could not stop laughing.

The epic ceremony lead into an epic reception, with a MC, photo booth, and tons of fun activities and games! One of the games was musical chairs and let me tell you: never have I ever seen a more competitive game played! The party ended with dancing and a sweet and emotional candle lighting. Many guests were drawn to tears. There was so much love in this family and everyone had a wonderful time! Including me!

Are you looking to plan your next La Cañada Flintridge Country Club Bar Mitzvah? Or Bat Mitzvah? Let’s get in touch! Send me a message at DariaTaylorPhotography@gmail.com and we will get to planning. I’m a preferred vendor with LCFCC, so I can give you all the best tips and tricks to partner with the gorgeous venue to host an event you’ll never forget!

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Sensational Epic La Cañada Flintridge Country Club Bar Mitzvah